Though this project, I thought that I was able to came up with ideas and create new works if I make good use of my spare time so I felt management is very important. And also, I was able to find my new parsonalities, special characteristics, strongness point and weakness point by reconsidering my own self carefully. In addition, it was a good opportunity to find new myself.

On this project, I was not able to manage my timetable but I want to make the most of what I have learned.

As a whole, I felt this work was enjoyable and interesting, so I am keen to develop this skill further, with my sensitive approach.


I thought I was able to achieved my aim which make unique patterns by researching many traditional patterns and using lots of colours. From this, I felt I was able to use colours well and combine 2 opposed materials. However, I felt my project concept was a little simple.Also, For this project, it took too much time to cut lino boards. So, I was not able to develop very well. In addition, I could not finish my final outcome. From this, I felt I had to take care of time allocation. Additionally, I felt because of time constraints, I could not think about new ideas and was not able to come up with new ideas and draw them.


I focused on “patterns” in this project because I wanted to create modern and interesting patterns by combining traditional patterns around the world. I thought  was able to achieve my aim. By researching Japanese, African and Indian culture, I was able to understand other countries' culture and the similarities and differences compared to Japan. I was able to create unique work by combining 2 unrelated things, contrasting by darkening bright things or brightening dark things.



By combining different medias, I found new layout and patterns that was interesting. Contrast was created in my work by juxtaposing patterns  such as Japanese patterns and Indian patterns. By reversing black and white using printer, I was able to make more unique patterns. I wanted to make garment using my Lino sample, but I was not able to make it. So, I thought I needed to manage working timetable.



Today, I made lots of patterns using my Lino sample board. By using a lot of color. I was able to create beautiful and interesting patterns. I felt that doing experimentation is very important my making different patterns. I was able to combine 3 different culture by using Lino print and I was able to create sensitive and new patterns.   



 Today I cut Lino board and after that I did an experiment using some Lino board.  I combined the some forms - for example, waves, geometric and straight lines. I explored with the perspectives of the design by altering the composition. By combining the some forms, I was able to contrast them to emphasize each part of the patterns. By combining different forms, I could make interesting and fascinating patterns and was able to create works of create depth. 



Today I cut Lino boards from yesterday and I found out how to make garment on the internet and some books. Additionally, I made jacket patterns. I was able to understand how to make garment and Garment's parts.i felt that I wanted to create new and sensitive forms of garment based on basic garment's parts. Awn also, I thought it is very important to understand basic garment to make unique and new forms of garment.



Today, I cut Lino board from yesterday and I discussed and received advice with my friend. I was able to understand a variety of ways of thinking and convention through discussion with other foreign people, with also motivated me to think about myself and my country. I found out that it is important to hear various people's opinions and feedback of my work as well as evaluate other's work.



Today, I cut some patterns on Lino boards. it took too much time but I was able to make beautiful patterns. Cutting Lino board will take long time but I think I was able to make new and creative patterns. Thorough cutting Lino board I felt that I am suit for plain action.


I will use only Lino print because I was attracted to be able to create different shade of color that is a once-in-a lifetime experiences. In addition, I want to broaden the possibility for 2D using Lino print.  Also, I thought it is very interesting to make new and modern patterns by using traditional patterns. I thought making print patterns using traditional patterns was a good chance to know how patterns is created.



Harrods project


I used a light bulb in my work because structure of harrods are illuminated during the winter season. So, by using broken a light bulb, I was able to express the transience of human life. a light bulb has a life span same as human and it is short-lived.



Harrods project


Today, I researched about harrods and I focused on "color". All of Green men wear green jackets, pants and hats. I thought green color is associated with traffic light. So I used three colors (green, yellow and red) mainly. By mixing three colors, I was able to create new colors. Also, Harrods is famous for souvenir shop, and I thought there are lots of souvenirs using grass and mirror for example, tea cup, so I used them.



Today, I chose about 30 patterns ( Japanese patterns, Indian patterns and Algeria patterns) and cut the using Lino print. For this project, I focus on printing because I made a lot go 3D works before project and I would like to see beautiful  lap of color on print. 


 King's cross library 

Today, I told with my teacher about my new project. she said "you need to decide on 3 countries whose traditional garments you would like to explore" so I decided 3 countries "Japan", "India" and "Nigeria". I thought that I was able to create new and unique patterns by using different type of countries and culture. I picked up some patterns from books and the Internet and I collaged.


 For this project, I will learn knowledge of various types of traditional dress and patterns by researching and exploring 3 different cultures from around the world. I will find out about difference of traditional; fabrics and materials because traditional garment is closely related to region lives, culture and environment. I will create new and unique patterns by combining various patterns which I find out using variety of technics and skills that I have learnt over time such as printing, weaving and knitting. this project will allow me to understand the reason why that specific garment is worn in that specific region and know the advantages and disadvantages of traditional garment. I will be able to create a meaningful outcome by mixing various informations and materials which is used in different areas. 

Today, I paired up with Chinese. As my partner was from China, we discussed, researched and explored the traditional dress and patterns. My new project title is "traditional patterns", so my partner told me the knowledge of Chinese traditional dress and patterns.  My partner said " you need to focus on how starting project" , so I reconsidered my project.